Learn How to Manage Your Marketing Team Remotely
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Here's Exactly What You Will Learn In The Video Series:
  • People
    People are the foundation of performance. Learn how to handle the transition to a remote environment.
  • Communication
    Communication is a vital part of any team and key to success. Learn how to streamline communication for your team.
  • Process
    Without a reliable and repeatable processes, your team will struggle. Learn how to create and use effective processes.
  • ​Motivation
    Motivating your team is a constant but necessary challenge. Learn several simple ways to keep your team motivated.
  • Collaboration
    Want your team to collaborate more effectively? Learn the 5 essential systems you need to improve collaboration.
  • Capacity
    Working from home often means less. Learn how you can increase the capacity of your team to do more with less.
  • Innovation
    Innovation is critical, now more than ever. Learn how to foster, encourage and support innovation among your team. 
  • Tools
    After working from home for more than a decade, here are the top 12 tools I personally use and recommend.
  • ​​Expectations
    One of the biggest problems marketing teams face is expectations. Learn how to set the right expectations with your team.
  • Reporting
    Reporting is a vital part of an effective marketing team, but only if done well. Learn a proven 3-part approach to reporting.
“Tim has helped us to improve the performance of our marketing in several areas, including a 31% increase in conversions for one of the first campaigns we worked on together.”
Staci Brinkman, CEO, Sips by
“Tim has an uncanny ability to take complicated project concepts and turn them into a reality. With Tim’s assistance and overall performance and deliverance on projects, we have been able to cut down project development time close to 30%.”
Jim Foley, Zeus Design
“Tim continues to prove his vast knowledge and expertise and we highly recommend his services to anyone needing the same.”
Bill Harris, CEO, TradeWeb, Inc.
Lessons Learned From Leading Remote Marketing Teams for Top Brands

Tim Parkin - March 18th, 2020

Managing a marketing team is no easy task, especially during this time of uncertainty.

And managing a remote team brings a new set of challenges.

For more than 10 years, I've had the privilege to lead, manage and coach marketing teams for global and national brands as well as fast-growing startups.

In this free video series I'll be sharing best practices on how you can effectively manage your team during these uncertain times to achieve record-breaking results and maximize productivity while maintaining accountability and team morale.

It's absolutely free and it's my small contribution to help companies survive and thrive during these turbulent times.

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